Patras Sailing Club

The Sailing Club of Patras (IOP) was founded in 1980 with the aim of developing and spreading sailing competitions as well as cultivating sailing and windsurfing athletes in Patras and the wider region. The Club has approximately 500 athletes, and it organises open sea, Optimist, Laser, windsurfing races, as well as the the International Sailing Week of the Ionian (Ionian Rally).

The Sailing Club of Patras has organised many important racing events successfully. The Hellenic Sailing Federation (EIO) has assigned the Sailing Club of Patras with many events including Regional races, ranking lists, National class races among others therefore helping the Club gain valuable experience from organising events of high caliber. The Sailing Club of Patras was the head-organising Club of the 2014 Hellenic Open Sea Race Championship as well as many interdisciplinary Optimist, laser races attracting athletes from other sailing clubs in the wider region. Windsurfing is a relatively new activity offering mostly beginners classes for young and adult athletes. The Sailing Club of Patras organised formula and slalom windsurfing races.

An important activity of the Sailing Club of Patras is the Open Sea School which offers diplomas recognised by the Sports Secretariat of the Ministry for Culture and Sports. The Open Sea School is operated by the two vessels owned by the Club of Patras. Beginners classes with Optimist vessels are also available for children and windsurfing classes are offered to young and adult athletes. Aside from the sailing and sports activities, the Sailing Club of Patras is aiming to spread the sailing tradition and develop social and cultural activities in areas that pertain to the marine environment. During the year, the Sailing Club of Patras is organising educational seminars and conferences open to the public with current marine, historical and sailing topic discussions.

At the same time, the Sailing Club of Patras is participating in environmental, cultural and marine sports activities as well as local issues of the city of Patras and its society. The Club is cooperating with the University of the city and is actively working for the touristic exposure of the city and the wider region through marine & sailing sporting events as well as participating in expositions relating to the cultural and athletic development of our region. The Sailing Club of Patras is also present and vocal in every aspect that affects our local community in Patras.


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