To all contenders and in preparation for the registration/measurement process, please make sure to have your International Certificates in order and Inventories completed. We advice that you retain the Original copy of the International Certificate in a safe place at home and bring 3 copies of the Certificate and Inventory with you. One copy of each document MUST be permanently in the boat, a Second copy will be handed in at Registration and a third for the Person in charge of the boat to retain ashore during the regatta, particularly during the check measuring.

Also, all Sails must be correctly Measured and Royalty labels sewn and stamped on the sails and clearly signed by a Class Measurer from your Country. New Sail measurement will only be provided outside the scope of the registration measurements and hours at a reasonable cost. If you intend to bring New Sails for measurements, it is strongly advised to inform the organizing authority to setup an appointment for the measurement. Still, any New Sails measured MUST have all the appropriate stamps and labels already sewn on.
With regards from the technical committee, looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Entry Fee

The entry fees for participating in the J24 EC 2019 are summarized in the NOR section 4. All fees are payable to the following account:



ΙΒΑΝ ACCOUNT NUMBER: GR1402606710000490101587676


The required entry fee is 350 EUR per boat until 23.59 GMT+2 28th of February 2019. The required entry fee is 450 EUR per boat from 0.00 GMT+2 1st of March until close of registration

Entries will not be valid until payment is received and confirmed by the OA.

Note: Please indicate J/24 EC 2019 and your sail number when performing the transfer

Travel Info

For those traveling by ship to Patra in order to avoid confusion on ticket prices, we would like to inform you, that the discount available when booking with Shipping Line Grimaldi/Minoan Lines is applied on the fare before taxes. The end price includes taxes (port and other) per person, car and trailer per means of travel.

Also companies often offer extra discounts that usually contain restrictions such as no cancellation, no refunds on tickets or payment of fare in advance. Please contact the Super Cargo travel agency in order to receive the latest updates on prices so as to achieve the best possible offer.

In contrast with the other new company offers, the standing J – 24 discount has no restrictions. It also applies to all accommodations while travelling (except for lux cabins)

Booking Agent

Dear all,

In order to avoid difficulties and facilitate the participants traveling via the Adriatic root (ferry), the organizers are pleased to inform you that Super Cargo Ltd, Super-travel will be the exclusive booking agent for the upcoming J24 European Championships held in Patras, Greece.

In cooperation with Shipping Line Grimaldi Minoan Lines, a substantial discount is available to you when booking travel arrangements from Italy to Greece vv.

Plese contact us for your booking inquiries via email or

The SUPER CARGO team will be happy to help you with any questions.

Best regards

Vagelis Anagnostopoulos | Managing Director
44-46 Heroon Politechniou str., 26441 Patras – Greece
T: +30 2610 450888 • F: +30 2610 453193
M: +30 6944 342866

Climate Analysis

A brief analysis of the climate in Patras prepared by Prof. Athanassios A. Argiriou, Ph.D. Laboratory of Atmoshperic Physics, University of Patras is now available for download at

Travel Info – Discount

For the participants who intent to travel by boat.
Please do not book your tickets as the organizers have secured 50% discount on passengers and cars with trailers for the participants in the European championship. Soon we will notify for the specifications.

Important Announcement

There will be a substantial discount for vessels and their escort to all crew members
traveling to Greece via ship from Italy. In the forthcoming months announcements
will be made regarding details. Before making arrangements for transportation please
contact the Club as soon as possible in order to achieve a more economic means of transport.