To all contenders and in preparation for the registration/measurement process, please make sure to have your International Certificates in order and Inventories completed. We advice that you retain the Original copy of the International Certificate in a safe place at home and bring 3 copies of the Certificate and Inventory with you. One copy of each document MUST be permanently in the boat, a Second copy will be handed in at Registration and a third for the Person in charge of the boat to retain ashore during the regatta, particularly during the check measuring.

Also, all Sails must be correctly Measured and Royalty labels sewn and stamped on the sails and clearly signed by a Class Measurer from your Country. New Sail measurement will only be provided outside the scope of the registration measurements and hours at a reasonable cost. If you intend to bring New Sails for measurements, it is strongly advised to inform the organizing authority to setup an appointment for the measurement. Still, any New Sails measured MUST have all the appropriate stamps and labels already sewn on.
With regards from the technical committee, looking forward to seeing you all soon!