2017 – Hellenic Championship first stage

The first stage of the National Championship, was organised on June 03-05 by the Sailing Club of Patras, host of the European Championship of 2019.

All participants traveled to the city of Patras, both to participate in the regatta and acquire experience of the EC 2019 venue. Besides the assessment of the EC 2019 venue by the GRE-JCA council, the regatta was marked by the appearance of a newly formed crew and the high level of competition, as the final winner was decided on the last race of the regatta with two boats tied in first place. Overall, all nine scheduled races were completed throughout the three days of racing where the crews had the chance to experience the two most common weather conditions of the region: southwest wind direction with speed ranging from 4 to 8 knots and southeast wind direction with speed ranging from 12 to 18 knots.


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